Free Leasing FAQS

When leasing a new location the following will help you when you find a
location you think may work.
Question we need to know:
a) is this a “gray shell” or “white box”
b) we need to see the “as is” plumbing and mechanical in the location.
c) we need to know if electrical service is run to the location.
d) is there any HVAC at this location.
1. Best size for your location ~3,500 sq ft. As small as 2,500
2. Width is important you will get the best look of your location with 30’ plus store front
3. If possible, you need a rear door
4. Cost to be concerned with.
a. White box (a white box is an already used space. Because it has been used it will have a lot
of your needs already in the location. Or it is a ready to open space built by the landlord)
b. A gray shell (a new space that has never been used generally in a new building. You
can recognize it by looking the space and you will see an area in the rear that has not
been completed no slab. There will generally be no finished mechanicals. No bathroom, no
power box, no HVAC system, an open floor or slab.)
5. T.I. cost for what you need to bring your location up to the design for a Puppy Palace.
a. a white box has most of the expensive items you will need. A bathroom, A 200-amp 3
phase system, an HVAC system, It can have more and the way you use the items relates to your
design. You will expect less TI money for this location. Often between $10 to $25 per sq ft.
b. a gray shell will cost much more to make ready for construction you will be looking at
$15,000 for a HVAC system, $15,000 to $25,000 for the power to your site, Bathroom’s cost
between $10,000 to $15,000 etc. The cost to finish the floor with concrete slab from $2,000 for
a small area to as much as $15,000 for a large area. In the case of a gray shell look for $45.00 to
$75.00 per Sq ft. Time to finish a gray shell look at 30 to 60 days depending on the permits
required to finish.
6. If renting a white box that has HVAC be sure the landlord guarantees the unit for at least 1
year if not 2. Due to the cost of a system without a guarantee you can be looking at a $20,000
cost you will have to pay. If the system breaks you will have to get it repaired quickly because
the puppies have to be kept cool.
Note: Remember you are just borrowing the space! its theirs and some day they will get it back
so any improvement you do to the infrastructure of the building you will lose.